Monday, February 24, 2014

mint? seafoam? sea glass?

No matter what you call it, I'm obsessed.  LOVE!  I mentioned on Friday that I'm begging Spring to hurry up by wearing more Springy tones.  This color has taken over my closet and is all over my house.

Mint Bubble Knob ~ Similar to our Kitchen Knobs

What color{s} are you obsessing over?!


  1. I love this color! It was one of the primary colors in our house and our guest bedroom is decorated in this color as well! I don't have many clothes this color but would love those pants from Loft!
    Are you still going to be doing the meal plan linkup? I loved checking out all the different recipes.

  2. YES! This is one of my color faves too...whatever it's called!!! :)

  3. Also LOVING all things mint right now. I totally stole some of my sister's nail polish that was that color last time I was at home, and now I'm convinced that I need it for myself!

  4. This is my absolute favorite color!! I can't get enough of it!

  5. I'm totally obsessed with this color too!! I love it!! Happy Monday!

  6. This is one of my favorites too! Beautiful!

  7. Love all the mint! Such a perfect spring color!


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