Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Outfit Planning

I'm a planner.  I realize that's not "news" to anyone here...  I plan our dinners, I plan out all the home/DIY projects I'd like to accomplish, I plan my blog posts {usually...} AND, I plan my outfits weekly.  A little crazy?  Maybe.  But nothing stresses me out more at 6am in the shower while laying in bed, procrastinating, than the question that plagues us all: "what am I going to wear today?"

I can say with 100% certainty that I am out the door on time in the morning, if not earlier {GASP!} when I have planned my outfit for the day.  It really alleviates the rushing around, clock-checking, and stressing.  Am I the only person that has this problem?!

On Sunday's, my designated day to get stuff done, I check the five-day forecast.  Based, loosely, on what the temps look like, I start to pull things out of the closet & drawers and build a few outfits for the week.  I lay it all out on the guest room bed, make sure I'm not wearing polka-dots two days in a row or too much black {or in this weeks' case, pink...} and then call it done.

I'm VERY fortunate to work for a company that allows us to dress down everyday.  Jeans & flats are a daily standard.  As long as you look "put together" you're A-OK!  There are certain days when the big-wigs are in the office or we have to meet with clients that I have to bust out the black pants & heals, but it's rare.

I'll hang everything back up with necklaces and accessories in a small section in the closet.  In the morning, all I have to do is throw it on.  No thinking.  I refuse to think too hard before finishing my coffee :)

Do you have any tips to make the morning routine more smooth?


  1. I'm the same way. If I can lay out my outfits (& pack snacks) the night before... I'm on time to work. Forget to do either one of those? Late!

  2. Oh I need to do this! I am not in love with a lot in my closet right now so it is undergoing a major overhaul in the next few months. But I think this would help me wear the clothes I have more for now!

  3. I definitely need to do this! I'm a planner in every other aspect of my life, so I'm not sure why I haven't been planning this all along, too. :)

  4. So jealous of your casual work environment! I really need to start planning out my outfits in advance... I always try, and then fail. You have inspired me :)

  5. What a good idea to set the outfits on the bed in the guest room....I need to do that!
    Planning my outfits like this would probably help me to stop wearing so much black! I can't help it, it's the color that I gravitate towards the most.

  6. That's awesome you get to be more casual. I usually just pull stuff out and go. Planning sounds like a good idea though.

  7. Jealous that you get to wear casual clothes (that are also super cute) to the office!! I would love to wear jeans everyday :) I try to pick out my outfit the night before which makes mornings so much easier!


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