Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Up Up and Away!

I officially know at least one person having a baby each month for the next 8 months.  I'm sure that list will only continue to grow!  And with the babies, come the showers.  Now, I'm not choosing favorites, but I'm pretty excited about this one.  A shower to celebrate my sister-in-law and niece!

Together with my amazing family-in-law, we hosted a cute Hot Air Balloon themed Baby Shower Brunch this past weekend!

O's cousin, Emily, and I found these sweet invites on Etsy (where else?) and between these and Pinterest, our theme was set!

hot air balloon baby shower

I can't take credit for any of the cute decorations--Emily outdid herself!

She is an incredible artist, and made our hot air balloon thumb-print guest picture

We had quite the spread of breakfast casseroles, ham biscuits and fresh fruit,

A yummy pink punch served in festive mason jars,

All followed up with cloud sugar cookies & a cake that matches the invites exactly!

Seriously though, if you live anywhere near Lexington, Kentucky go find a Caramanda's Bake Shoppe right. now. GO.  For real, have a White Chocolate Raspberry cupcake for me.  I'd eat one everyday if we lived closer, no lie.

We opted to not have any shower-type games, but to do some onesie decorating & to have an "advice tree"

onesie decorating baby shower

We all had a wonderful time visiting & celebrating.  We CAN. NOT. WAIT. to meet this Baby Girl!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Life Lately

Things are starting to get busy around here, but slowing down at the same time.  If that even makes sense.

As we get closer to O's graduation {26 days, but who's counting?!} there seems to be a never ending to-do list, but the longer days and warmer weather make each day a seem like I have a few extra hours.  Which leaves a little more time for tea drinkin'

Spending time on the deck, getting a little sun

Enjoying a beer with O & this sweet pup

Anddddd making a trip to beautiful Keeneland!

I don't want to wish April away, but I'm so looking forward to summer & our life post law school!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy April!

It's beginning to look a lot like Spring around here! Which is good, because I'm tired of hibernating. The cold, dark Winter weather makes me so unmotivated to do anything. But as soon as the temp hit 60 this past Saturday, I was Polly Productive. And it felt SO good to cross things off my to-do-list, which included:

Making these delicious, homemade oatmeal cream pies. These are seriously one of the best things to ever come out of my kitchen! My recipe made more than the two of us could eat, so I took a dozen out to our sweet friends who are moving into their new, GORGEOUS, home this weekend!

Making a trip to HoPo for supplies to bring a little Spring to our front door

And spending a little QT with these sweet girls.

All in all, I'd say April is off to a good start!
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