Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hospital Survival Kit

I mentioned on Monday that we had little breakfast celebration this past weekend before our sweet friend left for the hospital to have her baby!   I sent her home with a little hospital survival kit--you never know how long things will take to get movin' when you're having a baby {or so I hear} and I wanted to make sure she had a few little things, just for her!  I failed to take a picture of the finished gift, but here is a breakdown of the contents:


I'm FAR from being an expert on what new mom's need in the hospital.  BUT I did a lot of research {ie: asking friends and family members who have given birth} and I asked what comforts of home they were glad they'd packed or wished they'd had during their hospital stay!  After the gift was wrapped and given, I thought of a few other things I wish I would have included: Wisp toothbrushes, candy and snacks and drinks!  Side note, the superlative for "Most Appreciated" goes to the good quality toilet paper.

As more and more friends have babies, I'm excited to add to this Survival Kit list.  Spoiler alert: this is now my go-to shower gift.

What other items should I add to the list?!

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! I would add hairties, a headband, and Crystal Lite packs too :)


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