Monday, October 7, 2013

Medicine Cabinet Organization

In an effort to stick to the OctNOber plan, I pretty much camped out at home this weekend.  I just knew I'd be too tempted to pick up a new outfit or fall decor if I went anywhere near Target...BUT,  it was SO nice to get a few little projects wrapped up, do a lot of relaxing AND there may have been an all day Modern Family marathon on Saturday--why didn't we watch this show before?! {yes, I'm late to the game.  Judge away.}

I finally peeled myself off the sofa and decided to organize our new medicine cabinet.  O installed a larger one with more interior space back in September, but most of its contents were still spread all over the top of our small sink.

The whole purpose of installing the new medicine cabinet was to add extra storage to our tiny bathroom.  That, AND the old medicine cabinet was fugly.  So I took a quick five minutes to get things spruced up.

Looking at this picture now, it would appear that this post is sponsored by Aveeno or philosophy.  Not so much--those are just some of our favorite products!

I had a few random votive holders laying around, and decided to put them to good use.  They're now holding q-tips and all of the little odds and ends that cluttered the shelves and fell out when we opened the cabinet.  This was such an easy {and free!} way to keep everything organized & clear off the top of the sink.  I also had an extra bathroom tumbler that I'm using to hold O's razor, and a few other random things.

So what did I learn from this?  Use what you have laying around!  You'd be amazed what you can repurpose in your own house.  That, and our next house will have a double vanity.  With larger countertops.


  1. Love your use of the votives! I have some extra ones laying around from our wedding and now I know what to do with them! :)

    1. I wish I could take the credit! I saw it on Pinterest forever ago!

  2. Your medicine cabinet looks great! Good idea for using votives to hold q tips etc!

  3. oh my goodness! what a fab idea with the mercury glass votive holders....eeee! i have some of those laying around in a box. time for me to think about them in a multi-purpose kind of way!! thanks for the inspiration, lady!



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