Monday, October 21, 2013

Peel and Stick Tile Floor

I totally wanted to share the details of this project with y'all back when we updated the bathroom over Labor Day weekend--better late than never!  I wasn't the one who actually installed the new flooring, O was.  So I had to really ask him a lot of questions to get enough information to actually write a post!

From what I've been told, it really was an easy project.  Just a little time consuming.  For all of $35 we were able to cover up our old, ugly linoleum floor

With much more attractive resilient tile, with grout!  $35!!  You can't beat that in my book!

We started out by cleaning the existing floor really well and allowing it to dry.  O measured the room, and found the center to start with.  Peel the backing off the tile and stick it down and put spacers on each corner. Work your way out.  The only tricky part comes in when its time to cut the tile.

Measure & score on the back side of the tile before removing the paper backing.  Continue to score the back with a utility knife, and then snap it!

Continue peeling and sticking, cutting and snapping until you have covered all of the old flooring.  Then comes the grouting...

Which happened while I was at work one day and someone failed to take pictures of the progress!  Oh well {I failed to get a lot of details as a whole}  Remodelaholic had a great tutorial that explains the process start to finish!

This is the second bathroom where we've used the peel and stick tile with grout & both have held up great!  It really was a great option for updating the bathroom flooring without spending a fortune!

Do you have a favorite inexpensive update?!


  1. oh snap! that looks SO GOOD!!! well done, y'all! love it!!! especially with that price!


  2. Great job! I'll keep this in mind if we need to retile our floors one day!


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