Friday, December 6, 2013

Stocking Stuffers {for him}

After linking up with Elise to share some of my favorite things over the last three weeks, I couldn't stop thinking about all my favorite stocking stuffers. Those are seriously my favorite--I love the challenge of finding fun, creative, tiny gifts!  So I decided to dedicate my Five on Friday posts from now until Christmas to more gifting ideas!


Don't forget to pop on over to the GIVEAWAY before it ends in a few days!!  Thanks so much to everyone who has already entered--I can't wait to see who wins!  Without further ado, here are my favorite stocking stuffers "for him!"

1) Golf Balls. Not that we need more of those around here (ahem, O)

2) I LOVE festive boxers! Christmas, valentines day, St Pattys, you name it.  Fav gifting tradition!
3) A membership to the Dollar Shave Club. For a few bucks a month, new razors delivered to your door every month!

4) These Leather Whisky Tags. Much like the wooden tags I mentioned on Tuesday, these would be a great addition to a bottle of booze.

5) what guy wouldn't love a Bourbon Scented Candle (from Kentucky!)?! O isn't much of a candle man, but I think this one would be right up his alley!

PS: blogging on an iPad sucks.  I'd like to have my computer back, STAT.  Happy Weekend, y'all!!


  1. what!!! awesome candle! i didn't know till we got married that mark IS a candle man. he is ALSO a bourbon man. what a perfect gift!! thanks, doll!!! xx

  2. Great ideas! I have been thinking about stocking stuffers constantly since the link-up :) Happy weekend!

  3. I love the dollar shave club - such a smart company idea! My husband would totally love it... if (or when) he decides to shave the beard :)

  4. I think your husband and my husband could by BFF. Every single thing on here my husband would love in his stocking! Thanks for these great ideas!!

  5. Great ideas! I have a constant list of stocking stuffer ideas in my phone throughout the year so I don't forget them when Christmas time comes around.

  6. Buying husband stocking stuffers is so fun! Good ideas friend - that candle sounds pretty epic :)

  7. Great ideas! My hubby loves anything golf! You should come link up with me today!

  8. Loving that bourbon candle & the whiskey tags! Super super cute!

  9. these are really cute ideas! will definitely keep them in mind. :)


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