Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bedroom Dilemma

Not what you might be thinking...

I have a love/hate relationship with our bedroom decor.  It is the one room in our house that I have put zero effort into.  It's in the back corner of our house and gets very little sun.  Which is GREAT for sleeping in on the weekends, but makes it seem dark and dreary most of the time.  Pair that with an odd shape and furniture that is wayyyy too big for the room, and you have a recipe for Driving Ashley Crazy.

Here's what we're currently living with....judge away.

My OCD side wants the bed on this wall to create more of a focal point.  It is the ONLY wall in the room that doesn't have a door or window

O has "put his foot down" that the bed needs to stay on this wall for better bedtime TV viewing.  I pick and choose my battles...

I'm at a loss!  I'm usually very decisive about how I want to decorate!  HELP!!  I feel like the big open wall {where the bed should be} needs some art work or something to take up that large space.  I need more lighting.  I need a few pops of color.  I just don't know where to start...



  1. Gallery wall? Some symmetrical art work?! Pinterest??!! ;)

  2. Hard to tell how much space there is, but I like the bed on "your" wall, or move the dresser? But I am guessing that is where the TV is? Add a full length Mirror maybe? Or maybe a wall mirror that reflects some of the light from the windows. Brighter always looks bigger!

  3. I think a gallery wall would look perfect on that wall however you need something simple because it might look too cluttered if there is too much going on! I really like this gallery wall
    or something as simple as 6 frames in 3 rows with white matting would be good too! You could even get one of those light bars that are mounted by picture frames that would look really good to light up the pictures!

  4. I am the EXACT way! Our bedroom is bare and it drives me nuts! It's been the one room I've neglected. I love the idea of of a big piece of art work.

  5. I am totally into the gallery wall! It can grow with you and change. :)


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