Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What will it BEE?!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hosting a Gender Reveal Party for my friend, Treenah.  While the girls had cupcakes and cocktails to celebrate, the husbands all went out to B-Dubs.  It seemed only fitting to have a bee theme with all of the bee paraphernalia hanging around my house!

Bee Invitation
Paperless Post

Bee Gender reveal

Everyone had a pink or blue bee pin to show their guess.

bee gender reveal wear your guess pink or blue

Before we took a bite into our cupcakes, we tested out some old wives tales:

1. Baby's heart rate is above or below 140?
2. Carrying high or low?
3. Is baby stealing your beauty or giving you dry hands and cold feet?
4. Put your wedding ring on a string and let it dangle over your bump.  
Does it move in a circle or back & forth?
5. Are you craving sweets or salty?
6. Morning sickness or NO sickness?
7.  Have you been happy or crabby?
8. The Chinese Gender Predictor says: GIRL 
9. Miss Cindy, my mom, says: "The oldest daughter will have what her mother had first":  GIRL

So were the old wives tales right?  What will baby BEE?!  5/9 said Boy, and....  

gender reveal cupcakes

gender reveal

Treenah and her hubby went to their ultrasound earlier in the day, and she sent me a text to let me know what color the filling should be in the cupcakes!   At first, this was the text I got:

Twenty minutes later, I got a call saying "I hope you didn't tint that icing pink...because IT'S A BOY!"

All of us from Life Group pitched in and got the mama-to-be the first of many BLUE things to help celebrate the occasion!

Kate Spade blue bangle bow

Congrats Travis & Treenah!!  Baby K sure is a lucky little guy.


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