Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thrifted Buffet

Not so long ago, I had been stalking yard sales & Craigslist searching for a buffet to put in the kitchen. We needed something {other than the random console} along the big, empty wall. Anddd we need a little extra storage for our "not-every-day dishes." Note to self: next house must have more cabinets and a dining room. I lucked out and found one pretty fast on Craigslist, at a great price--$50!

When we picked it up, it was painted in a matte black with a bunch of silver knobs. Check out the two knob "pulls" on the drawers. Creative, but not my style.

craigslist buffet

Since the kitchen is so bright with the white cabinets and light walls, I kept the buffet black. I freshened it up with a coat of semi-gloss, and decided to strip the top surface & stain it to match the kitchen table, which actually reads a little darker than the picture.

thrift buffet

craigslist thrift buffet

I quickly found out why the previous owners had two knobs in place of an actual drawer pull. The holes were placed 3 1/2" apart, and virtually every hardware store I visited only had 3" pulls. Thanks to Amazon, I finally found 3 1/2" pulls! I also found these great glass bubble knobs at Hobby Lobby, that match the wall color. I think they're a fun, expected touch!

glass bubble knob

I have been meaning to share this great thrift for awhile--thanks to Our Fifth House's Winter Challenge for reminding me!

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