Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fast Weekend in Disney World!

This past weekend I invited myself met up with my extended family in Florida for a fun weekend trip to Disney World!  This is my third time visiting the Magic Kingdom, but it was probably the best time ever.  Visiting a place like Disney with a 9 & 3 year old makes it impossible to miss all the magic.

First day in town, we went to the Magic Kingdom.  As soon as we got in the park, the baby pointed out "Hey, Cinderella lives there!"  Presh.

magic kingdom

We made a bee-line to the teacups.  Nothing like getting the spins first thing in the morning.  {Radford flashbacks}

magic kingdom tea cups

The new Fantasyland section was a-maz-ing!  The picture below stinks, but that is the Beast's castle--where you can be their guest for dinner. Too cheesy?  Yes.  But that's ok. 

magic kingdom fantasyland

As if this place wasn't awesome enough, it's even more beautiful at night.  Makes you feel like a little kid all over again!

magic kingdom at night

Day two, my favorite park of all: Animal Kingdom.

animal kingdom tree of life

I loved the Kilimanjaro Safari!  Seeing the animals so close was unreal!

animal kingdom disney giraffe

We made a quick trip to Sea World before we had to leave for the airport.  We saw a few dolphins,

Did a little face painting,

And got to meet Shamu!

Before we knew it, it was time for Miss Cindy and I to leave the fam in sunny, 75 degree Florida.  This is what I came home to.....Yes, that says 7 degrees.

I can't wait to hear how the rest of their week went after we left!  I would have given my left arm to stay down there with them for the whole week.  I have the best family & I'm so lucky they let me tag along for the weekend.

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