Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Drybar at Home

For some reason, I'm obsessed with Drybar.  I've never been to one.  We don't even have one close to where I live {which is probably a good thing.  Because I'd be there ALL.THE.TIME.}  But I'm obsessed!  I have no idea why.  Oh wait, yes I do.  I LOVE a good blow out after a haircut.  And why not have one all the time?

After browsing their online store, I was encouraged by my glass of Riesling to make an impulse buy.  Or three.  Whoops!  Good thing I had leftover gift cards from Christmas...

I shared a few Fridays ago about my exciting little delivery!  So many of you commented on my post and on Instagram that you'd love to know more about my purchases.  I really wanted to give them a good run before I formed my opinions, but first things first:
  • I have A LOT of hair.  My stylist always adds on more time to my appointment because it takes FOREVER to style.  My hair "hides" water.  It appears to be dry, but then you feel it & there's damp patches.
  • I don't wash my hair everyday.  Mainly due to the reason above.
  • I have no idea how to "fix" my hair.  I either dry it, or it goes up in a ponytail. I'll occasionally run a curling iron through it if I have time.  Again, it comes back to the too much hair issue.
  • I'm impatient.  And I like sleeping in.  So getting up a little earlier to style my hair never seemed like a route I wanted to take.  That is, until I had a few "ugly days," and decided to make a change.
So here's what I got:  Full-Pint Round BrushThe Morning After, Big Hair in a Cute Little Box.

How great is the hand written note?!  That added so much for me!

My main goals were to get a little more volume, enough to last through day two & have more of a "style,"  not just dry and flat iron.  My new cut has a lot of layers, and I know it has the potential to look as good as the day I left the salon, every day.

What they say really is true: the right tools and products make all the difference in the world!  I LOVED every.single.thing I bought.
  • All of the products I purchased have the same scent--vanillaish, maybe.  Whatever it is, it smells awesome. 
  • I watched the "How To" videos {link at the bottom} on the site to gain a little more knowledge about how to maneuver the brush and dryer, since that takes a level of coordination I clearly don't have.
  • The Full-Pint Brush is the perfect size to create just enough flip and movement through my hair. I love the smooth handle
  • The Southern Belle Mousse!  My word, y'all--this has made the ugly days disappear.  It is lightweight, and doesn't make my hair stiff, crunchy or icky.  Once my trial size runs out, I will most definitely be getting the full size!  Paired with the Full-Pint Brush, it creates enough volume that lasts well through day two.  
  • Speaking of day two... The Detox Dry Shampoo is great!  A little goes a long way, and is barely noticeable in my dark hair.  I also LOVE the lined shower cap, which keeps the hair free of water or steam in the shower on the second day.  Know who didn't like the shower cap?  My dogs.  They barked at me.
  • The Money Maker Hairspray is so light & still allows for movement.  No helmet head here.
So my Drybar blowout at home?  I'm by no means an expert--far from it.  I know the pros would do a FAR better job.  But I can live with this day-to-day {disclaimer: worst selfies EVER.}

What I've learned?
  • Good hair days require a little effort.  And patience.  
  • I can't wait for my hair to air-dry a bit before I pull out the round brush and dryer.  I've found that I can wait 5ish minutes {enough time to put on my makeup} before I really need to start drying.  The more it air dried, the more frizz I ended up with and it was actually harder to style.
  • As soon as a section looks dry, dry it for a little bit longer.  Just to be sure my hair isn't hiding any extra water.
  • That a great hair day can make you feel like a million bucks.  Even on the coldest, snowiest, dreary winter day! #ineedatan

I was not compensated for this post.  These thoughts and opinions are all my own!  But if founder Alli Webb wanted to hook a sister up next time I'm in DC, I wouldn't be mad ;)


  1. So pretty! I have always wanted to be able to fix my hair like they do at the salon after a cut, but it never happens. I have too much hair and I'm not patient enough. This dry bar sounds very promising! :)

  2. DANG!
    You did an awesome job!! Your hair looks amazing!

  3. Oh my gosh, your hair makes me want/need all of it! Gorgeous!

  4. Your hair looks awesome! I'm so impressed and loved the post.

  5. I have stick straight hair and am always looking to add more volume! My hairdresser always curls it and it looks fab, but even after buying a curling iron and getting lots of tips from her, I can't seem to do it myself! Maybe I'll try some of your blowout tips!

  6. You just sold me on the whole set. I love your hair cut and all the layers. Will be spending the afternoon watching the how to videos.


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