Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ice Day

Well, friends, it's more bad weather here in Kentucky.  Have I mentioned how I'm OVER winter?! This time, it was snow AND ice.  Yay.  But, I figured if I'm going to be trapped in my house, on a mountain, I may as well make the most of it.

We kicked off the morning with homemade waffles,

Snuggles & clearing off the DVR,

A little at-home manicure,

Clearing 2" + of snow/ice off my car, sidewalk and driveway.  Our reward after two hours of work?  Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate. #wishitwasbeer

Andddd then more eating & snuggling.  There was a little productive housework thrown in there as well.  Ok, not much.

If having bad weather meant I could stay home and do this all day, maybe I'd learn to love it...


  1. Yikes that's a lot of ice! I'm so glad our ice/snow day is over. As much as I always say I wish I lived somewhere where it snows, I got my fill last week!

    1. I've had enough snow to last the rest of my life! Enjoy your warmer temps!

  2. Looks about like our snow day yesterday!
    minus the little bit of housework. No dishes were washed and no laundry was done.
    Glad you enjoyed your day off too!

    1. Don't be fooled...I wasn't that productive around the house ;)


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