Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday!

I've seriously missed linking up with April and the girls for 5 on Friday the last few weeks!  Between weddings and illness and Gone Girl and LIFE, time is just flying by!  Here are some highlights from the last few weeks!

{one}  I'm attempting to get my life back in order & the itsy bitsy Sugar Paper planner I bought at Target back in January just wasn't cutting it.  I need a LOT of space in a planner.  Kacey said she recently purchased the Whitney English Day Designer, and the pics she emailed me were enough to seal the deal.

This thing is impressive, and I'm not gonna lie...a little frightening ;)  Life=Organized.

{two} The last few weeks included a lot of snuggles.  Including lots of time with our sweet puppy--here, tuckered out with her favorite ball {which, btw, is a racquetball...?} How cute is this little face?!

{three} Dare I say, that spring might be here to stay?!  I snagged these cute lace shorts at Loft recently, and can't wait to wear them!

{four} Mad Men is back!  And I'm SO sad its the final season :(  Does anyone else watch?!

{five} Can we talk about how AMAZING my friends are for a second?!  After a rough week, my fav's, Abby & Rebecca, surprised me by dropping off the sweetest care package to cheer me up!  So SO thankful to have them ;)
And after said rough week, this quote on Pinterest was just the little reminder that I needed!

So thankful for a lot of relaxing and down-time with family this Easter weekend.  What are your plans for Easter?!


  1. I watched Mad Men. Not the best episode but I'm sure it'll pick up. Love those shorts!

  2. I love a good planner!! I had to upgrade too, I'm too ocd about organization for my old Target dollar section planner. haha! I started watching Mad Men but couldn't get into it, maybe I need to give it another try. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Love those shorts! I am looking to score something like that for our honeymoon. Glad you are feeling better!

  4. Puppy snuggles are the best. Such a cute care package.

  5. SO glad that you're loving the planner. Isn't it just amazing???

  6. What did you think of Gone Girl? I was SO pissed at the ending! Errrr!


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