Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on {Derby} Friday

I apparently spoke too soon a few Friday's a go when I mentioned that I was "back."  Now that the sun is out & the winter jackets are put away, I'm finally out of hibernation.  I've been crossing house projects off the to-do list, planning weekend trips, and just enjoying the warm weather!  BUT, it's a big weekend here in Kentucky.  Tomorrow is the DERBY!

We'll be wearing our big hats {or fascinators!},

Sipping Mint Juleps,

Betting on horses {Uncle Sign is my pick...I love a long shot!}

Signing "My Old Kentucky Home" {I still don't know the words...}

Andddddd maybe winning a little money ;)

Will you all be watching the Derby?!  As my dad would say, "its the most exciting two minutes in sports."


  1. I have attended derby parties which were a lot of fun! No big plans this year for us but may have our own viewing party at the house. Hope yall have a great time!

  2. My Dad says that about the Derby too -- oh dads...


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