Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday {UK edition}

The SEC Tournament is upon us, friends--and so is a BIG game tomorrow!  Y'all know by now that O & I are big Kentucky fans!  While we'd love to make the trip to Atlanta for the tournament next week, we'll settle for a basketball marathon at the house.  And what's some college basketball without some team festiveness?!

{one & two} I can assure you, no matter how many people join us to watch the game, there will be plenty of food.  And drink ;)  I love these festive collegiate platters from Coton Colors!

And, if I had to guess, there will probably be a little of this running around, too.

{three}  I just love these blue & white flats from Lilly Bee!  And don't worry--they have a set for almost every school, not just the Cats!

{four} Since we'll be in the comfort of our own home cheering on the Cats, I'll be lounging in my Pink UK gear

{five} lastly, this

Will you be watching the SEC tournament this coming week?  Who will you be rooting for?!


  1. I have flats just like that from Forever 21! Love them! Great picks this week, girlie! Happy Friday and enjoy the game! xo

  2. Yay SEC! I'm a Gator, maybe we'll meet you guys in the tournament! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Love me some Maker's Mark! New to your blog thanks to the linkup! Excited to read more!

  4. I must say I LOVE this entire post from a fellow Lexington, Kentucky girl!


  5. I have no idea who is even in the SEC tournament (my college is part of the Big Ten - not that I know how they are doing either) but those flats are adorable!!

  6. Those flats are so cute! They would be perfect for Spring! :)

    Happy Friday, pretty lady!

  7. Those shoes are super cute!! I'd get them in different colors just for the cute factor, not even thinking about the schools they ought to represent! :P

  8. Cute, cute platter! I totally think you need one if you don't already have one :) And the shoes are also presh.

  9. Cute, cute platter! You totally need one if you don't already have one :) And the shoes are just presh!

  10. YAY for another Kentucky girl!! I love every single dang one of these!
    Aside for Saturday's game the tournament starts TONIGHT! Hopefully things will look up!
    Here's to the most wonderful time of the year - March Madness!!


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