Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In my next house....

I will have a fireplace.  With a mantle.  That I will decorate for every imaginable holiday.

I will have a garage that I can actually park in.

I will have a screened in porch.  Or sunroom.  Or both?

I'll have a bigger kitchen.  And a dining room.

I'll have double sinks and a claw foot tub in the master bath.

I will still have white cabinets.

I will put all of my Pinterest pins to good use.

Linking up all of my random house thoughts with Khala & the girls for Tuesday Tea!


  1. Ohhh how our house brains are so similar. Sigh! Love.

  2. Amen girl, a garage and big day one day! xo

  3. it's so funny that you shared these thoughts on your next house. I have been thinking and day dreaming about our next house a lot lately too! Thank goodness Pintrest can keep all of my thoughts and ideas until that day comes :)

  4. Amen to all of these, including the claw foot tub - so luxurious! Although, my bf many moons ago actually had one and it was colder than get out when I used it. I thought it was because there were no walls just a flimsy curtain keeping in the warmth...maybe their bathroom just had terrible insulating. I've always thought man I hope it wasn't the tub!

  5. I would so have a fireplace and mantle too in my next home. A big kitchen is a must for baking up lots of amazing food.

  6. Girl, I have a clawfoot tub and it is uneven like a really annoying table LOL :) But this post read like a poem. I loved it.

  7. Yessssss! I totally agree with you on this list, lady! We have a cute fireplace and mantel (which is always decorated) but I desperately want a sun room and larger kitchen! Oh, and I wouldn't mind a claw foot tub in the slightest!! Thanks for linking up with us!! xo

  8. LOVE everything about this! I want it all too!
    We downgraded from a home to an apartment so I am dreaming of my house too...
    pinterest does NOT help!
    Thanks for linking-up, love! Happy Wednesday!


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